FCC chairman is trying to re-instate the agency's Open Internet rules

After last month’s landmark decision by a federal court to strike down key parts of the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet rules, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler now says the group is working to bring them back. In a speech yesterday at the University of Colorado Law School, Wheeler said he will soon be “outlining” a plan to bring back provisions that required internet service providers to treat all types of internet traffic equally. 

As politicians put on the pressure, Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler says he’s about to reveal his plan for keeping the Internet open for everyone. On Monday during a speech at the University of Colorado Law School, Wheeler said that the FCC, which suffered a legal defeat last month when a federal appeals court threw out its Open Internet rules, is working on a plan that will re-instate Net neutrality protections. Wheeler indicated that the agency was encouraged by the court’s decision, which rejected the regulation on a legal technicality, but upheld the agency’s authority to regulate broadband networks to encourage adoption and investment. He said details would be made public soon.

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  • Missy Gouverne

    In order to support the net neutrality effort, it’s important that people keep up to date on the issue. If anyone needs a refresher on the basics, here’s this great short mockumentary: http://www.theinternetmustgo.com/