First supersonic private jet will have a panoramic display instead of windows

Spike Aerospace’s S-512 supersonic jet project is far from being a real thing, but when the plane arrives and is actually sold for $80 million dollars a pop, one thing buyers won’t be getting are windows. The company recently announced that the plane will eschew cabin windows in favor of super-thin embedded displays that will give passengers a panoramic view of what’s outside. 

Spike Aerospace is in the midst of building the first supersonic private jet. And when the $80 million S-512 takes off in December 2018, it won’t have something you’d find on every other passenger aircraft: windows. The Boston-based aerospace firm is taking advantage of recent advances in video recording, live-streaming, and display technology with an interior that replaces the windows with massive, high-def screens. The S-512’s exterior will be lined with tiny cameras sending footage to thin, curved displays lining the interior walls of the fuselage. The result will be an unbroken panoramic view of the outside world. And if passengers want to sleep or distract themselves from ominous rainclouds, they can darken the screen or choose from an assortment of ambient images. But this isn’t just a wiz-bang feature for an eight-figure aircraft.

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