Google adds relationship-based voice search to Google Now

The second most valuable company in the world announced on its Google+ page that the newest version of search for Android will have a feature whereby you can contact your contacts by simply shouting out their relationship to you. An example would be saying “call mom”, will start a phone call to whomever you have marked as having that relationship to you. If you simply put in as the contact “mom”, Google will simply call that number. 

At last, Google Now will enable you to refer to people by relationship whenever you want to make a voice call or a text, which is a good thing actually. For those who have tried to make use of Google Now voice commands in the past, you would run into limitations of voice commands if you want to call someone with a more unique name. Basically, not everyone has a name that is easy for the voice command system to understand, but you can be sure that voice recognition is moving in the right direction. Well, Google has introduced the ability for Google Now understand your referral to other contacts by relationship, thanks to the relationship descriptor. This would mean you are able to say, “Call dad” or “Text my wife”, and it will do so.

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