Google educates users on proper Google Glass etiquette

Google made “don’t be evil” the company mantra during its rise to tech industry power. Now the search giant is warning owners of Google Glass not to be “creepy” in a better-late-than-never nod to the etiquette questions surrounding the wearable computer. Encouraging Glass wearers not to “Glass-out,” “rock Glass while doing high-impact sports,” “wear it and expect to be ignored,” or worst of all, “be creepy or rude,” Google on Tuesday laid out its take on Glass etiquette on the Glass Explorer blog.

Even Google says you shouldn’t be a glasshole. Just because you wear an insanely amazing $1,500 computer on your face doesn’t give you license to be “creepy or rude.” The tech behemoth, which apparently has a witty, sensitive side, also advises against donning Google Glass while riding a bull or cage fighting. Gee, we can’t imagine why not. Yes, Google wants users to go boldly, but ever so carefully and considerately into the pioneering world of Glass. And in case you brave Explorers can’t make heads or tails of what’s kosher and what’s not while rocking Glass, Google also wants to give you a hand. The company today issued a helpful Google Glass do’s and don’t guide and it’s equal parts practical and entertaining. 

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