HTC Nexus tablet rumored to be in the works for 2014 release

HTC will once again partner with Google to produce a Nexus device, or so suggests a new Taiwanese report. According to unnamed sources close to the Commercial Times, HTC has won the rights to create a “high-end” Nexus tablet for release in the third quarter. Unfortunately, that’s about the extent of this particular rumor. HTC, for its part, is remaining understandably tight-lipped on the subject.

A report this morning suggested that HTC is already well on its way to developing a successor to the HTC One and even a piece of wearable technology, but what about a tablet? While HTC didn’t specifically talk about that at all in an interview with Bloomberg, another source in Asia says that HTC and Google are linking up on a new Nexus tablet. The rumor was cited by Focus Taiwan and suggests that HTC has already received orders for a “high-end model of the Google Nexus tablet”  that will hit the market during the third quarter of this year. We’re a bit skeptical on the rumor mainly because ASUS has done a fantastic job with the past two 7-inch tablet models, and we’re not sure why Google would walk away from that partnership (though anything is possible, of course).

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