Images leaked of prototype Google smartwatch developed by Motorola

Motorola and Google did work pretty well together, as I have fond memories of the first Motorola Droid that boasted of a solid build alongside a decent display. Well, many years down the road, here we are with a possibility that a smartwatch from Google or Motorola is not too far away from the horizon. In fact, what you see above could very well be a jointly developed timepiece that has leaked out, or at least this being a prototype of the device. 

A few days ago, we published a story about Google’s possibly upcoming smartwatch. Current rumors suggest that the watch may be ready in time for Google I/O, and that it might be made by LG. We also mentioned that we had heard of a Motorola prototype previously – a prototype that may have been scrapped in favor of a new design from the manufacturer who made the Nexus 4 and 5. We’ve decided to put a few of our cards on the table and give readers a peek at the Motorola prototype that never became a real product. According to our anonymous source, the device was allegedly going by the name Google Watch, with the official code name Gem, and fell into the Nexus category of devices. Whether a future watch will keep the codename Gem is uncertain.

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