KitKat accounts for only 1.8% Android market share

The latest Android update has been gradually rolling out to the biggest smartphones on the market over the past several months, but it doesn’t appear to have made much of an impact yet. Google reports on its Android Developer site that KitKat has only been distributed to 1.8% of Android phones so far. Jelly Bean is still the version of choice for Android users, with an astonishing 60.7% of the user base.

According to stats published by Google, the newest Android release, codenamed KitKat, is powering under two percent of Android devices accessing the Google Play store. The data, which is based on smartphones and tablets accessing the Google Play store over a 7-day period ending on February 4, 2014, shows that Android 4.4, codenamed KitKat, is installed on 1.8 percent of devices. This time last month KitKat market share was at 1.4 percent.

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