Leaked documents suggest potential 'Buy' button for Twitter

Your Twitter feed is probably already overflowing with breaking news, sponsored ads and play-by-play reactions of the latest Game of Thrones, but a new element may soon grace your timeline: a buy button. Documents found on Fancy.com’s website propose a method of selling goods directly to Twitter followers by embedding miniature product pages directly in Tweets.

Twitter is getting serious about commerce on its service. So much so that it looks as though soon you’ll be able to buy goods for sale directly from a tweet. The microblogging service is close to finalizing a deal with payment services company Stripe, which would likely handle the back-end processing for making purchases on Twitter. As for the front end: Twitter looks likely to partner with at least one online commerce site, Fancy.com, which will let users purchase products inside the Twitter app and website, according to documentation discovered by Re/code. It is part of a new program called Twitter Commerce, according to these documents.

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