Lenovo releases a new laptop-tablet hybrid Chromebook for yoga

Lenovo did Google a pretty big favor this week, by taking the Motorola division off its hands. Now the Chinese PC maker is lending support in the proliferation of the Chrome OS with a pair of new notebooks. Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad 11e series Chromebooks which include a flexible Yoga-branded convertible laptop/tablet hybrid, which operates in four positions, and a traditional clamshell laptop.

Lenovo has this week introduced a pair of new Chromebooks aimed at the education customer. The 11e series Chromebook will be available in two form factors; a traditional clamshell laptop and in its convertible Yoga form. Since Lenovo is aiming the 11e series – also available with Windows 8.1 – at schools, they’re toughened up to deal with the added stress – and inevitable drops – that they’re likely to be subjected to.  The regular 11e comes with an 11.6-inch HD LED display, while the 11e Yoga will have an IPS touchscreen panel with wider viewing angles for when you’re using it in convertible mode. We’re told to expect around 8 hours battery life from each model, which is perfect for getting someone through the school day. Both will be available to purchase from this spring, with pricing starting at $349. The full press release, including details of the Windows 8.1 variants is right after the break. 

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