Massive update for the Spotify app on Windows Phone is due in Spring

Spotify has had a Windows Phone app for a while, but anyone that uses it will tell you how bad it is. Their Android and iOS apps have been slowly accumulating features that the Windows Phone app is missing. A new update will be coming this Spring that will adopt a much more Android-like UI, but also gain all the missing features users have been begging for.

Spotify’s Windows Phone app has typically lagged its Android and iOS counterparts, but it’s about to catch up in a big, big way. The streaming music provider has revealed a makeover of the app that will roll in the discovery, playlist browsing and radio features that we’ve seen elsewhere. It will also have a fresh interface that’s in sync with Spotify’s more recent apps while remaining true to the style of Microsoft’s smartphone OS. Premium subscribers will be the first to get the Windows Phone update when it arrives this spring, but Spotify has promised that its free mobile listening option will be coming to the platform later on.

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