Mediation talks between Apple and Samsung break down

Mediation talks between Apple and Samsung have reportedly broke down, with neither side agreeing upon a compromise in their ongoing patent dispute. Neither party has confirmed the news, though multiple insider reports claim the most recent meeting was unproductive, meaning a final solution will need to be decided in court. In January, a judge ordered both sides to meet to discuss a possible settlement, though reports claimed discussions were getting heated over an anti-cloning disagreement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s mobile chief and co-CEO JK Shin reportedly met last week to try and thrash out a settlement to their long-running intellectual property dispute. The meeting, while unconfirmed by either party, is being reported by multiple Korean news outlets and adheres to the companies’ promise to try and come to an amicable agreement before resuming their legal antagonism next month. Sources indicate that the mediation effort was unproductive, which comes as no surprise given the history of animosity between Apple and Samsung and the fact that similar talks were fruitless back in 2012.

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