New NERF gun prototype comes with a built in recording device

The ECS-12 certainly isn’t the most technologically advanced device in NERF’s arsenal, and it’s not even the first blaster to let you record your shootouts. But, it is the first NERF gun with the camera built in. Until now you’ve had to purchase an optional Rail Mount accessory, then stick your smartphone inside the dock to record anything. This does away with the need to strap an expensive gadget to your foam firearm before heading off to battle.

A new prototype from Nerf shows the company taking new steps in embracing technology. A new blaster in their N-Strike line will have a mounted video camera for recording the dart slinging action as it happens.Yahoo Tech was able to get their hands on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam EC5-12 Blaster, a motorized, clip loading platform that shoots darts to 90 feet, featuring a 1.77 inch color screen. Video recording or still shots are triggered by a button on the forward grip, allowing quick access to users without needing to look away. The camera is set back above the barrel, making for an unobstructed view of the action, while the microphone is attached to the screen at the back of the blaster. Users can view and playback video directly on the device, which features three access buttons and what looks like a power switch on the screen platform. 

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