New Skype update finally fixes annoying syncing issues

If you use Skype on multiple devices you may have experienced some message synching issues recently. But Skype said today that the problem has been resolved. Messages might have been sent to one device and not the others, causing you to miss potentially important chats. Or, you may have seen messages that you already read on your phone marked as “unread” on another device.

Microsoft’s decision to push its Skype chat service on Windows customers has been controversial at best, with many complaining the app doesn’t sync correctly across multiple devices and is more often than not a mess on mobile. Today, the company rolled out a significant improvement to Skype chat, which it claims should fix current issues and offer a few extra enhancements. The biggest improvement is improved syncing across devices, which Microsoft says it has worked hard to correct. After downloading the update, Skype chat should appear the same across your PC, tablet and smartphone. The service is also receiving push notifications for Windows 8 and mobile, along with the ability to scroll through old conversations on your smartphone. Finally, Skype will now confirm that each message has been read.

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