Nokia teases mysterious Windows Phone announcement in a new video

Does Nokia have a new device in the works that has yet to be announced? At the moment we can only think of two devices that the Finnish company has yet to reveal: the Nokia Normandy and the Nokia Lumia Icon which is a Windows Phone handset destined for Verizon. While it looks like Nokia could be making the announcement soon thanks to a new teaser trailer that Nokia recently uploaded onto YouTube. 

Nokia has unveiled a rather mysterious Windows Phone teaser today. In a YouTube video, the company simply asks, “Have you heard what’s coming?” After some car revving the 15-second video goes on: “See and hear what you’ve been missing,” before it fades out to Nokia and Windows Phone logos. Nothing else is teased, and it’s not immediately clear what Nokia is planning to announce. However, Nokia has posted this particular teaser to its US YouTube account, suggesting this isn’t a worldwide announcement.

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