Online TV streaming startup Aereo to launch in Austin, Texas

Aereo, the online TV startup that streams over-the-air broadcasts via tiny, individual antennas, said Monday it will launch in Austin, Texas, on March 3. This follows its rollout in San Antonio last week and an expansion to Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston last year. However, the announcement also comes a week after a US District Court in Utah became the first in the country to temporarily shut down the service, a rare legal win for the broadcasters that are taking Aereo to the Supreme Court later this year. 

TV fans in Austin, Tex. are very lucky. Not only do they have Google Fiber and Time Warner Cable aggressively trying to win them over with faster speeds they can use to enjoy lag-free Netflix streams but they’re about to get Aereo in their fair city as well starting on March 3rd. Aereo, for those who don’t know, is a television streaming service that takes over-the-air broadcast signals and delivers them to your smartphone, tablet or laptop over your Internet connection. This means that you can use Aereo to watch over-the-air television even if you’re not at home in front of your television.

By Alfie Joshua

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