Ouya tries to remind everyone that it still exists

Ouya’s original hardware featured just 8GB of storage onboard, but a temporary Limited Edition all-white version launched during the holidays doubled that to 16GB. Now, the game console startup is making that a permanent feature of its newest hardware, an Ouya console with a solid matte black finish that also offers better Wi-Fi connectivity and a “refined” controller design.

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of the big three console makers makers — Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo — shaking in their boots over the impending march of micro-sized Android-based gaming boxes into the mainstream. Or, more likely, it’s an earthquake or alien invasion and you should probably take cover because immediately because, let’s face it, either scenario has a better chance of happening. Nevertheless, if you’re still following the micro-console scene and are a fan of these systems, here’s a heads up that Ouya has a new model available.

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