Pinterest brings GIFs to mobile and Place Pins to the iPad

Pinterest isn’t just for elaborate napkin crafts for your book club soiree, or for bragging about inhuman feats of supernatural cupcakery; it also makes a pretty stellar travelogue. A new update for Pinterest for iPad adds Place Pins to the tablet title, as well as animated GIF support for both iOS applications and the Android app.

Pinterest updated both its mobile and iPad apps on Friday, offering some of its most recent product updates to mobile users. Updates to the iOS and Android apps now support GIFs, a feature that Pinterest unveiled in late January. Pinterest said at the time that there are “tens of millions” of GIFs on the platform, and those will now be playable on mobile devices.  Pinterest also rolled out a new version of the company’s iPad app on Friday, meaning users can now interact with Place Pins through the app. Place Pins are another relatively new feature for Pinterest. The company unveiled Place Pins, or pins that contain geo-location information, back in November. 

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