Printrbot shows off its new, all-metal 3D printer

The 2014 3D Print Show is all set to kick off, and Printrbot intends to show off their very first metal-framed 3D printer there. Printrbot happens to have the reputation of being one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, where it is famous for its low-cost, open-source, wood-framed machines. Well, this time around, an evolution has happened with the new machine being coming in an aluminum and steel frame, making it a wee bit larger compared to the existing laser-cut plywood Simple. 

The 2014 3D Print Show begins tomorrow and Printrbot will be there, showing off its first metal-framed 3D printer. One of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, Printrbot is known for low-cost, open-source, wood-framed machines. The new machine marks an evolution for the company, founded after a successful run on Kickstarter two years ago. Foremost is the aluminum and steel frame, just slightly larger than the current laser-cut plywood Simple, and powder-coated in an eye-catching red color. The print bed has grown, too, now supporting prints up to 6″x 6″x 6″. (The wood Simple is capable of 4″x 4″x 4″ prints.) The increased print size is due in part to new Z-axis rods, grown from 8mm to 12mm — in a visit to MAKE, Printrbot founder Brook Drumm explained this makes them rock solid.

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