PrioVR bodysuit takes gaming immersion to the next level

The tagline for the PrioVR gaming suit, which is smashing its Kickstarter goal, is Suit up. Game on. This really effectively captures the simplicity of the suit that should making gaming controls more natural than anything before. The PrioVR Pro suit, made by UK-based YEI Technology, is made to work with Oculus Rift for a totally immersive gaming experience. Described as a “full-body interaction”, it places sensors on the gamer to detect movements.

Exploding through a $75,000 funding goal on Kickstarter during the past few days, the PrioVR is a full-body video game controller that makes an on-screen virtual character move identically to the person wearing the motion capture suit. Using inertial sensors to track motion rather than technology like the camera found within the Microsoft Kinect, this allows the player to move anywhere they want around the room. The sensors are placed at specific points on the human body in order to accurately capture movement of feet, legs, hips, arms, the chest, shoulders and the head.

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