Snapchat can be used as a platform for a denial-of-service attack on your phone

A vulnerability in the Snapchat app opens the iPhone up to denial-of-service attacks that can cause the device to freeze and crash, according to cyber security researcher Jamie Sanchez. A weakness in the app’s system can allow a hacker to send thousands of messages to a Snapchat user in seconds, which can cause a crash that requires a hard reset to fix. Tokens generated by the app used to verify user identity can be reused by hackers to send a flood of messages.

Snapchat, the picture based messaging platform, appears to have more problems on its hands after its recent account breach. It has been discovered that the program can be used in denial-of-service attacks against iOS and Android based phones to disable or crash the devices through sending thousands of messages to the device in a matter of seconds. In a demonstration with the LA Times, Jaime Sanchez, a consultant for Telefonica, displayed the attack that takes advantage of the security token authorization Snapchat uses by recycling those non-expiring tokens to send new messages. Sanchez was able to send 1,000 messages in five seconds in a video showing that the attack froze the iPhone application and reset the phone. The phone appears to continue hanging up after restarting until the attack reaches its end.

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