Sunrise Calendar responds to iCloud credentials security issue

Sunrise has just issued a small yet significant update to its namesake smart calendar app for iOS. According to its release notes, the latest update to Sunrise Calendar “brings security improvements.” These security improvements address the issue, which was pointed out last week by users and developers alike, concerning Sunrise’s iCloud calendar integration, which requires entry of a user’s Apple ID and password in the app.

The increasingly popular Sunrise calendar app faced a bit of a brouhaha last week, after a couple of well-respected developers (namely, Neven Mrgan and Instapaper creator Marco Arment) pointed out that the application asked the user to punch in their iCloud credentials with little indication of what happened to them next. Given the amount of sensitive data that tends to be transmitted over iCloud (iMessages, backed up photos, email, etc.), such a request was iffy, at best. It certainly not the sort of thing you want to become the norm.

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