The Supersmoker Bluetooth is half e-cigarette and half mobile device

It may not be the obvious choice when looking for a hands-free way to use your phone, but a company in the Netherlands has developed an e-cigarette that can make and receive calls.  Created by Netherlands-based firm Supersmoker, the e-cigarette is the world’s first electronic smoking device to wirelessly connect to smartphones and tablets.  The Supersmoker Bluetooth has a built-in speaker and microphone and, when connected to a device, can also be used to stream music.  

Announced on the device’s product page, the Supersmoker Bluetooth is a new type of e-cigarette that can pair with a smartphone for a couple useful functions. For instance when someone calls, a Supersmoker Bluetooth user simply taps the middle button on the e-cigarette and is able to start talking utilizing the built-in microphone and speaker. There’s no need to stand near the smartphoneor even pick it up as long as the Supersmoker Bluetooth has already been paired with thesmartphone prior to the call. In addition to answering and hanging up on calls using the middle button, the two other buttons on the device control music functions. For example, tapping either button will increase or decrease the volume of music being played through the speaker. Alternatively, holding down the button will advance to the next song or back up to the previous song on the current playlist.

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