Valve now lets Steam users flag offensive tags on games

Tagging is a useful features for blogs, music, and even games as it helps identify and refine the search process. For example tagging a game with “RPG” would allow those searching for an RPG game to come across said title, but unfortunately it seems that some have gotten a bit carried away when it comes to tagging games on Valve’s Steam platform, abusing the Steam Tags feature shortly after it was launched. 

Only a few days after the launch of Steam Tags, the internet has found a way to abuse them to the point where Valve is now allowing users to report offensive tags. After Gone Home was tagged with “not a game,” Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP with “hipster garbage,” and Indie Game: The Movie with “Phil Fish sucks,” Valve released an update that should reduce these cases. The update will allow users to click a flag icon that will appear next to every tag, which will downvote it. Valve saidthat right now there are four reasons to report a tag: Either it’s offensive/abusive, not appropriate for the game or product, not helpful, or contains a spoiler. The update also fixed an issue where swear words appeared unfiltered in some places.

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