Windows Phone is the fastest growing OS in the world

We guess it goes without saying that Windows Phone is hardly the largest smartphone platform at the moment. In fact based on past figures, Windows Phone’s market share is pretty small compared to the likes of Android and iOS, but apparently it is also the fastest growing OS in the world, according to a recent report on Mobile Trends released by Kantar. To put it into perspective, Kantar has found that Android currently has about 70% of the smartphone market in 12 major world economies, while iOS accounts for 22%.

In its latest report on Mobile Trends, researcher Kantar calls Windows Phone “the fastest growing OS in the world.” Kantar says that things started turning last year when the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 620were both launched, focusing the platform on the low to middle-range price points and the first-time smartphone buyer. According to the report, Windows Phone is now grabbing former Symbian users and is beginning to get the former low-end Android user. Kantar sees these first-time buyers eventually upgrading to higher-priced models providing Nokia and Microsoft with a high-end customer base.

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