Women's clothing brand creates virtual reality fashion show for customers

Topshop, the women’s clothing brand, intends to enlist the help of technology – virtual reality technology, to be exact, in order to deliver a greater “Wow!” factor to the masses who drop by their stores. In fact, virtual reality will be able to deliver the upcoming Topshop Unique fashion run show to interested shoppers without having them being there, thanks to a team effort with London-based Inition. 

Women’s clothing brand Topshop will use virtual reality technology to help give customers a unique way to access the upcoming Topshop Unique fashion run show. Topshop teamed up with London-based Inition, a company specializing in 3D graphics application development. Using virtual reality for the Web-based stream provides a “new dimension” of traditional fashion shows, according to Topshop executives. Customers visiting the flagship London Topshop store and use a VR headset loaded with fashion footage, providing a customized, personal method to grab shopper attention.

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