Adults in the U.S. spend eleven hours a day with digital media

Here’s a stat we’ve heard over and over: 58% of American adults own smartphones. Pair that with the fact that digital culture permeates almost every aspect of our lives, and we can already assume the average person spends a lot of time with gadgets. According to a new cross-platform report from Nielsen, our suspicions are confirmed: The average American adult spends 11 hours per day with electronic media. 

This year will be another big year in audience measurement as we enable measurement of broadcast and digital video on mobile devices across both the linear and dynamic ad models. With this in mind, we have migrated the reporting of mobile use and mobile video use within this report from data taken from our mobile insights survey to metered data through electronic mobile measurement. With this we see some trend breaks as we migrate to a more precise and consistent reporting of mobile consumption, one that is based on measured behavior. Content in its many forms is a constant draw and the American consumer continues to show us that they want to be entertained and engaged. Media fragmentation drives us to continue to ensure that measurement meets the growing demands to follow that consumer from point of contact to point of purchase.

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