Apple dedicates a section of the App Store entirely to selfies

You knew it had to happen sometime. Selfie, which was crowned word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries for 2013, is now receiving an honor that’s perhaps a wee bit more prestigious, given the word’s roots in the tech space. Apple has officially added a new category to its App Store: “Sharing Selfies.” Click to find a small variety of apps all dedicated to the express purpose of helping you do that extend-your-arm-fully-away-from-your-face, picture-taking thing. 

One of the ways Apple made the App Store a success is by creating lists of curated apps to surface interesting content. It was easy for iDevice owners to find cool stuff just poking around in Apple’s walled garden. Although, no one could have predicted a few years ago that selfies would become such a dominant concept that it would warrant a new section of the App Store, but that’s exactly what has happened. You can now go to the “Sharing Selfies” section to find Apple’s favorite apps for snapping an awkward picture of yourself. The word “selfie” didn’t even exist until the early 2000s when it began appearing on the now desperately uncool photo sharing site Flickr. Of course, people were taking pictures of themselves (very awkwardly) for many years before that. They just didn’t have a cute name for it.

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