Apple's CEO has lunch with the Israeli Prime Minister for reasons unknown

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Apple CEO Tim Cook for lunch yesterday at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. Netanyahu is traveling through the United States for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and also met the founders of popular messaging app WhatsApp as well as the president of Stanford University. While it’s not clear what Cook and Netanyahu could have talked about, video from the event has now emerged on the prime minister’s YouTube channel. 

A short video clip posted to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official YouTube page on Thursday shows the leader meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. As seen in the embedded video below, apparently taken by a member of Netanyahu’s delegation, Cook greeted the Israeli PM at Apple HQ’s Executive Briefing Center, where the two had a meeting over lunch. While a list of those in attendance has not been released, Apple SVP of Legal and Government Affairs Bruce Sewell can be seen sitting next to Cook at the large conference table. 

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