Arduboy business card lets you play Tetris

Off-white business cards with Silian Grail lettering are so passé, these days, it’s all about creativity. This GameBoy look-alike, for instance, demonstrates its creator’s skills in one fell swoop: it doesn’t just display résumé, it’s also a simple gaming handheld that can play Tetris. The device was made by Oregon programmer Kevin Bates who calls it the Arduboy, because it uses a barebones Arduino board connected to an OLED screen. 

Nuance has just announced the next major version of its Mac dictation software, Dragon Dictate 4. The new version improves recognition accuracy as well as several new features, including the ability to machine transcribe from a pre-recorded audio file. You no longer have to be recording a voice live to get transcription. We’ve had a quick play with the software and the accuracy is almost scary good compared to older versions of the software. Speaking in a normal voice gives you almost 100% accuracy and even mumbling seems to work. While Mavericks uses the same Nuance speech engine, Dictate 4 has a better interface for transcription and tons of extra features as outlined in the videos above and below.

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