BlackBerry Newsstand and BlackBerry News are being discontinued

Here’s some bad news for BlackBerry users: if you frequently rely on apps like BlackBerry Newssstand or BlackBerry News to access your magazines or news, you will be disappointed to learn that BlackBerry has announced that they will be putting an end to both services in April. BlackBerry News will be the first to get the axe on the 3rd of April which means that those who own BlackBerry Playbook tablets or older BlackBerry 7 handsets will have to look somewhere else. 

BlackBerry announced this Thursday morning that the magazine viewing Newsstand app for BlackBerry 10 devices would no longer be available after April 30th of this year. The service will no longer be available after that date, and the app will no longer be available for download in BlackBerry World. The company recommends downloading any content to your phone that you wish to keep, as it will no longer be available after the month of April. If you so decide, you can delete the app early by going to the screen where you have the app, pressing and holding it for a few seconds, and then tapping the tiny trash can that appears on the top right corner of the icon. In addition to Newsstand getting the axe, BlackBerry News for the PlayBook and BlackBerry 7 and earlier devices, will also be discontinued on April 3rd.

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