Chinese search engine launches in a market already controlled by Baidu

A new Chinese-language online search engine – – was launched Friday, marking China’s first search service set up by the country’s major news organisations. The new engine allows users to search articles from the country’s newspapers and magazines. Its service covers news, website, pictures, videos and maps, with 16 channels ranging from economy to sports and applications for mobile users, Xinhua reported.

A new Chinese search engine has officially opened its doors, but it is unlikely to be serving many customers in a market already dominated by Baidu and where users find ways to bypass local Web filters. Set up by China’s state-run news outlets, allows users to search reports published by newspapers and magazines operating in the country, according to local wire Xinhua News Agency. The Chinese-language platform scours through news, images, videos, and maps, as well as 16 TV channels covering a range of genres such as economy and sports. The search engine was built by the IT arm jointly funded by China’s state-run media outlets including four local newspapers, two news agencies, and the state broadcaster China Central Television. People’s Daily and Xinhua are among the founders. 

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