Cloud gaming company OnLive might not be dead after all

The last time people were reporting about OnLive, the cloud gaming company was falling apart. A majority of the staff had been laid off, investors were left high and dry, and it looked like curtains for the innovative service. But OnLive isn’t dead yet. Engadget reports that after years of silence, OnLive has announced that two new initiatives, one of which is already live: CloudLift and OnLive Go.

In early August 2012, OnLive employees told us that the cloud gaming company was close to falling apart. Despite creating an impressive service rooted in a futuristic idea — playing bleeding-edge PC games on the highest settings, remotely, streaming from the cloud to virtually any device — a cocktail of financial issues all crested at once. The result was mass layoffs (“at least” 50 percent), including lead evangelist and company CEO Steve Perlman. OnLive had a new owner, venture capitalist Gary Lauder, and a renewed directive to become profitable. Then, the company went silent.

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