Control this interactive net sculpture with your phone

Art and technology are coming together like we’ve never seen them do so before. Over the past few weeks alone we’ve some incredibly creative and stunning art installations that bring together both worlds rather nicely, and today is no different. This time around the good folks artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin –creative director at Google’s creative lab created a stunning piece of technological art called ‘Unnumbered Sparks’. 

Typically, an artist completes a piece and spectators observe it, but a collaboration between Janet Echelman and the creative director of Google’s Creative Lab Aaron Koblin makes spectators a part of the final work. Unnumbered Sparks is an interactive net sculpture that spans 745 feet between buildings in Vancouver that passersby can control via their smartphones. According to the project’s technology video, the entire piece is basically “a distributed website on the sculpture,” or a bunch of web browsers working together to manipulate light, sound, and movement. The physical net is made from a material similar to fishing line that’s 15 times stronger than steel, and five projectors map a screen and lights onto the sculpture from below. 

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