Crabster robot will revolutionize underwater exploration

This looks like one of those headcrabs from Half-Life, albeit it being a mechanized one. Known as the Crabster, this is a robotic wonder which has the ability to revolutionize underwater exploration, thanks to the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology that will test the robot in the Yellow Sea as the Crabster assists archaeologists in shipwreck site exploration.

Space may be the final frontier, but there is still an vast expanse of uncharted territory deep beneath the sea on our own planet. But this could be about to change thanks to an unlikely new aid to explorers and scientists: a giant robotic crab. Makers of the monstrous machine claim that it’s the world’s largest and deepest underwater walking robot. It is envisioned that the robot could be used in scientific exploration projects as well as fixing structures far beneath the waves such as pipes used to carry oil and gas. 

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