Designer creates a wearable fortune teller

Do you know someone who reads tea leaves, or swears by the accuracy of geomancy? Well, Israeli designer Dor Tal has reason to believe that humanity has arrived at a particular tipping point in our long and storied history, where fortunetelling could not only be pertinent, but useful in everyday life to boot. His invention is known as “Predictables”, where it functions as a kind of automated social media stalker/calendar app.

interpreting human nature’s desire to understand what’s ahead of us in the future, tel-aviv-based designer dor tal has created ‘predictables’, an interactive watch that displays prospective events.functioning as a type of contemporary fortune teller, the wearable device forecasts developments in different areas of life such as career, romantic relationships and friendships. the app uses an algorithm that searches for patterns, frameworks and links within information that is generated through everyday communication with the surrounding digital world. ‘when the device upon which the app is installed identifies a prospective event, it calculates and presents a recommended action for the user to take in order to cope with the said future event in the best possible manner.’ says dor tal.

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