is trying to connect with younger people through Snapchat

Dosomething, a not-for-profit focused on making volunteer work and social change exciting to people under 25, is going after its key demographic where they’re comfortable: Snapchat. DoSomething first signed up for a Snapchat account in November of 2013, with Bryce Mathias in charge of the channel. The company alerted their Twitter following that they now had a Snapchat account, and simply waited for requests to come in. is all about empowering young people. The organization, one of the largest non-profits for teens and young adults in the United States, connects 13-to-25 year olds through a wide variety of social causes. It didn’t take long for strategy leaders to realize that Snapchat users fall within that exact age demographic. The organization has since focused on building a strong Snapchat following. By creating charismatic Snapchat stories, has been able to connect to their followers in an entirely new way. We sat down with two of its team members, Colleen Wormsley and Bryce Mathias, to discuss their Snapchat journey.

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