EA is once again nominated for the year's worst company in the U.S.

Can EA go for a three-peat that nobody wants? The Consumerist is once again running its now infamous poll to determine who its readers believe is the “Worst Company in America,” and two time reigning champion video game publisher EA finds itself on the nomination list. It finds itself among the usual competition,  three time runner-up Bank of America, previous champion Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Facebook, Yahoo, McDonalds, SeaWorld, and pretty much every other major corporation you see in the news these days.

After going through all of your nominations, then having y’all rank the contenders and eliminate the chaff from the wheat, we’re proud to present the first round match-ups for this year’s Worst Company in America tournament! As you’ll see from the image below, there are several returning competitors, including previous champs EA and Comcast, three-time runner-up (and sort of winner from when it acquired Countrywide) Bank of America, the perennially hated Ticketmaster and PayPal (with their respective corporate counterparts LiveNation and eBay). There are also some new names on the list, like Koch Industries and lawsuit-happy seed company Monsanto. There’s also SeaWorld making a splash on WCIA 2014, presumably because people have been watching that Blackfish documentary.

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