ETA gives you precise arrival time estimates for your favorite locations

Chances are that you have a set of five or 10 places you go to on a regular basis. ETA is an app that shows your current estimated drive times to those places from where you’re at. When you first open ETA, you’ll need to go in and add your favorite locations. After that, every time you open the app all you see is a list of your handpicked locations and the amount of time it’ll take you to get to them. If driving isn’t you’re thing, you can swipe the drive time icon to get estimated walking times as well. 

ETA (U$1.99 on sale for a brief time) is a helpful app that estimates the driving time from your current location to your destination, taking local traffic tie-ups into consideration. To get started, you type in the name or address of a destination, clicking the ‘+’ button to add it to your list. Once that’s done, your location appears on a map. If you type a fairly common name, like Olive Garden, you may see more than one location. Check the one that has the address you want. When you tap on your saved location, you’ll get an option to get directions and the app launches Apple Maps, Google Maps (If you have it on your iPhone) or Waze (if you have that app).

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