Exoskeleton endows the wearer with superhuman strength

Ever wondered how it would feel like if you were a whole lot stronger than you are now? Well, one need not be born with mutant powers in order to be endowed with superhuman strength, but rather, to rely on technology in order to get the job done. Exoskeletons are not new in the realm of science, and even folks in Japan are able to rent one if they would like to. However, how about those of us in the West? 

Engineers in Italy have developed a wearable robot which they claim is the most sophisticated built in the world to date. The “body extender” has been built by the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Percro) at Pisa’s Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. The machine can enable users to lift up to 50kg in each extended hand, say its makers. It could be developed to work in factories or to clear debris and rescue survivors in earthquake zones, they say. The exoskeleton is one of many being developed around the world for manufacturing, therapeutic and military purposes. Percro’s Fabio Salsedo demonstrates how the machine works.

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