Facebook redesigns pages to be more streamlined

Facebook on Monday introduced a new design for Facebook pages, making things such as key performance indicators more easily visible for managers, and location info easier to find for fans. However, this move also signals that Facebook is moving away from tabs — which have been a popular tool for many Facebook marketers to draw attention to contests as well as get users to visit other entities such as an Instagram feed or website. 

Facebook has started rolling out a new streamlined design of Timeline for pages. The new design of pages will be more consistent with the re-design of Facebook profiles that happened more than a year ago. The idea is actually something that was tested for brands a while ago so the overhaul may not come as a surprise to those who have been paying close attention to Facebook’s actions. The change doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of features. The page information is getting moved into different places but you won’t really be offered anything new to play with.

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