Fujitsu wants to scan veins in your palm instead of your fingerprints

While fingerprint sensors on smartphones are starting to become more common, especially with the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5 picking up on the trend again, this kind of technology has actually be integrated into other consumer electronics in the past, such as laptops. For the most part fingerprint sensors on laptops felt gimmicky and after a while they tended to stop working. 

For all the popularity of fingerprint scanners, Fujitsu believes that it can go one better. The Japanese company has been working on palm-based systems for the last few years, and we’ve already seen turnstileswallets and tablets that are accessed from your hand. Fujitsu believes that palm vein sensing is around a thousand times more secure than conventional biometric methods and it’s implementing the technology in its next range of business-focused laptops due out this week. We’ve been shown around some of these models, which have the new sensor fitted into an area that is roughly the same size and position as the company’s existing fingerprint scanners, just below the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Using it is simple: Hold your hand a few inches above the sensor and the hardware will quickly scan the unique arrangement of your veins. If it judges you to be the real deal, it’ll open up its secrets for your enjoyment.

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