Google addresses 10 myths about Google Glass

In a recent post on Google+, the Glass team addressed the top 10 myths related to the futuristic augmented reality visor in an effort to simply “clear the air.” Privacy concerning Glass is no doubt a hot topic as evident by the fact that five of the top 10 myths have to do with the headset’s on-board camera. Many of the most common concerns – that it is the ultimate distraction from the real world, that it is always on and recording and that Glass is only for those privileged enough to afford it – are discussed.

Google Glass wearers, or Explorers as Google likes to call them, have been getting some bad press of late, and the company has been moved to defend the headsets against the rise of rumor and speculation. “Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL. A tooth placed in soda will dissolve in 24 hours. Gators roam the sewers of big cities and Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen. These are just some of the most common and – let’s admit it – awesome urban myths out there,” the team behind the wearable computer goggles said on its Google+ page today. “In its relatively short existence, Glass has seen some myths develop around it. While we’re flattered by the attention, we thought it might make sense to tackle them, just to clear the air. And besides, everyone loves a good list.”

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