Google adds voice commands to Google Search for Android

Google is rolling out an update for its Google Search app for Android, adding voice commands for actions like clicking images or taking videos. These commands can be activated by saying ‘Ok Google’. With the latest update, Android device users will need to tap the microphone icon on the Search app, or say ‘Ok Google’ on the home screen, and then, be able to launch the default camera app with voice commands. 

Google Search for Android can be a pretty handy app, especially when you need information right at your very fingertips without having to go through too much of a hassle. Well, the internet search giant has certainly done their homework this time around to know just what consumers want, having released the latest version of the Google Search App on Android which allows you to perform a search via voice. Yes sir, all that you need to do is to just tap the microphone or say “Ok Google,” followed by “take a photo” or “take a video.” Your Android-powered smartphone or tablet ought to be able to get the job done after that without too much hassle, as Google launches your camera app straight into the preferred mode. So, what are you waiting for? 

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