Google CEO would rather give his money to Elon Musk than charity

If you’re Google CEO Larry Page and you want to leave a fortune to create a better future for the world, don’t leave it to a cause. Rather give to entrepreneurs like Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. It’s the best way to create revolutionary, not incremental, change. Page, co-founder of the company that vowed not to be evil, sees the ability for entrepreneurs to do enormous amounts of good, according to comments he made in conversation with Charlie Rose at a TED conference.

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page says he’d rather leave his savings to inventor Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and founder of Tesla, when he dies than to a charity. That was just one of many interesting statements Page made at the 2014 TED talk with 40-year-old billionaire on Wednesday in Vancouver. He sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss his vision for the future and what Google is working on, noting we’re still in the early days of search, and that driverless cars are closer to a reality than we think. But Page spent a good bit of time discussing Musk’s aspirations to send humans to Mars “to back up humanity.” He called the move “philanthropical.”

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  • Yeah, because poor, sick and oppressed folks are so analog. And the solution to their problems is they need to buy Teslas.