Google takes steps to prevent in-app purchasing sprees

Just like Apple but on a smaller scale, Google has been hit with an in-app purchase related lawsuit recently, prompting the company to issue an update for its Google Play Store that brings a fix to this potential content purchasing issue. Android Police was the first to spot the Google Play Store 4.6.16 update, which brings a new “Require password” option that, when turned on, will always require the account password for purchases. 

Days after being sued for not requiring a password when making in-app purchases, Google has rolled out an update to Google Play that will hopefully make it harder for junior to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of micro-transaction purchases within Candy Crush. As noted by Android Police, version 4.6.16 provides users with several options for how they can make in-app purchases on Android devices. Going forward, Android users can opt to require a password for every purchase made, allow for purchases within a 30-minute window after a password is entered, or ban purchases altogether.

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