Hands-on video shows off Samsung's new S Band

Just last week we had the best look yet at Samsung’s S Band fitness tracker. The device will probably sit below the Gear Fit in price, considering it lacks the AMOLED display, but it has enough features to still make it compelling. We already know that it will help users track calories burned, steps taken, sleep patterns and more. It will also have a basic tie-in with smartphone alerts, though they’ll provide far less information than Samsung’s Gear Fit and Gear smartwatches.

This week the folks at Samsung have decided – perhaps accidentally – to release an up-close opportunity to users in Germany for their upcoming S Band activity tracker release. This device is about the size of a small watch face, fitting in a number of accessories made to attach to your arm or clothing. The activity tracker itself works with 5 LED lights in itself, hidden under the surface of its face until activated. This device works with Samsung devices from the outset and will go to war immediately with trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone Up. You’ll find the S Band able to track locomotion. You’ll find a microUSB port for charging and physical syncing, while Bluetooth 4.0 will be the user’s key to connecting wirelessly.

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