HTC will keep previous flagships around once the new HTC One arrives

Just like Apple does with previous-generation iPhones when new models arrives, HTC will also keep the previous flagship around once the All New HTC One arrives, Phones Review has learned. Apparently a source “close to a popular mobile phone retail chain” in the U.K. has seen the new model and has also heard that “talks are ongoing to try and offer the original HTC One for a lower price to consumers.”

It’s not at all surprising to see a phone maker keep a past flagship device around even after its successor launches, and sell it at a lower price as a sort of upper-midrange offering. Apple has pioneered this model (at least in the US), where last year’s iPhone was still on sale after this year’s handset launched, yet for $100 less than before (that changed with the iPhone 5C replacing the iPhone 5, but underneath they’re pretty similar anyway). Samsung’s also used this strategy rather successfully for its Galaxy S line – even now you can still buy a brand new Galaxy S III, a device launched two years ago. That will change after the Galaxy S5 arrives in stores, but even then the S4 will be around as a cheaper alternative.

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