iPhones are less likely to break but more likely to get stolen, study shows

ProtectCELL’s customer data shows iPhone owners have the luck of the Irish when it comes to mobile device replacements ProtectCELL , a Fortegra Financial Company dedicated to helping its users Get Protected and Stay Connected, today reports statistics indicating iPhone owners might be a bit luckier than other smartphone users. ProtectCELL’s customer data shows that iPhone users are roughly 46 percent less likely to need a replacement device, for any reason, as compared to other smartphone users. 

Figures compiled by device insurance firm ProtectCell indicate that owners of Apple’s iPhone suffer fewer broken screens and other device problems requiring replacement, but are far more likely to having their products stolen. The firm, which has sold over two million insurance policies covering phones and tablets, issued a press release noting that iPhone users are 54 percent less likely to need a replacement device for any reason, as compared to other smartphone users. Specific to screen damage or breakage, iPhone users are 11 less likely to request repairs. That suggests that, despite a delicate appearance, iPhones either are less prone to damage or their users take better care of them (or a mix of both). The firm’s press release attributed the difference to “luck.”

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