K-Glass is like Google Glass except 30x faster and 3x to 12x longer lasting

Google Glass has been dethroned by its Korean rival, K-Glass which, unlike the already-famous product, uses a built-in augmented reality (AR) processor that only offers its user relevant information regarding the surroundings. Although the Korean product has not been released on the market yet, the AR process makes it faster than Google Glass and it can be used for a longer period. The unique characteristics of K-Glass could also solve the privacy issues which hover over the tech giant’s patented wearable.

The researchers at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) announced that they developed a head-mounted display 30 times faster processing speed compared to that of Google Glass. ‘K-Glass’, developed by Yoo Hoi-Jun, Professor of Electrical Engineering at KAIST and his team, is a high-performance, extremely low-powered head-mounted display (HMD) containing an augmented reality (AR) chip 30x faster and with 3x to 12x longer operating time than Google Glass. K-Glass developed by a team of researchers at KAIST. Despite the sensation that Google created with its Project Glass in May 2012, Google Glass had many problems. It has received special criticisms for its terrible battery life and screen that’s hard to see in bright light .

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