Lenovo rumored to be working on a Windows Phone for later this year

When it comes to Windows Phone brands, Lenovo is probably not a company you would think of. Sure the company makes Windows-based products like laptops and tablets, but when it comes to smartphones, they tend to favor Android. That being said, it seems that Lenovo might be interested in attempting to break into the Windows Phone market with a smartphone of their own, according to reports from WP7Forum.ru. 

WP7Forum.ru reports that Lenovo’s first Windows Phone is coming around April this year, after the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1. The handset, which will be a mid-range affair costing around $420, will of course be running the new OS, and WP7Forum.ru’s trusted sources tell them the handset was delayed until the OS was ready. Other details about the device is that it may be called the Lenovo Aupres or Lenovo Snoopy, will run on the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 600 processor and will have a 4.5 to 5 inch screen. According to their sources only one handset is planned.

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